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Clock services offered in Honolulu, HI

The most trusted clock services professionals!

Our certified technicians are known for skilled craftsmanship and unparalleled experience. For all your clock services in Honolulu, HI, you can depend on our team of highly skilled, factory-trained technicians. We are dedicated to meeting all your maintenance, restoration, conservation and repair requirements.

Clock repairs

clock services in Honolulu, Hi
At Aloha Clock Repair we are proud to service all types of clocks, including mantle and ship clocks. Only original replacement parts are used in our repairs.

Our clock services range from battery and movement replacement to luxury restoration and conservation.

Our master clock conservationists love a challenge, so feel free to send us special requests! We provide a free, no obligation quote on all clock repairs.

Maintenance services

Clock services in Honolulu, HI
At Aloha Clock Repair we pride ourselves on customer satisfaction. We guarantee the following:
 • Product warranty
 • Material and workmanship
 • Complete movement overhauls

The warranty covers replacement parts and actions related to clock services rendered; our guarantee does not apply to negligence or accidents. Due to the delicate nature of clocks, the warranty is subject to our discretion of our skilled technicians. Contact us in Honolulu for more information.

Overhaul service

clock services in Honolulu, HI
At Aloha Clock Repair, overhaul service involves a complete package of clock services for wall, mantle, floor and ship clocks. We'll begin with a thorough inspection of all movement and mechanism elements and issue replacements as needed. Before we reassemble, we conduct a complete cleaning as well as refinishing on all our clock repairs. Once we reassemble the movement on our clock repairs, we conduct a series of tests to evaluate the clock’s accuracy, water resistance, and functionality. Call us in Honolulu for a quote.

Watch repair

Watch is a fashion statement, whether it's expensive or not. It adds to your personality. Do you know that a watch could have 300 to 500 parts inside all working together? So if you're not careful something might break inside but don't worry your watch specialist are here to bring your watch back to life. Call us in Honolulu, and we'll fix it for you for a reasonable cost.
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